Our Story


The Good GlowI've always been what people refer to as "healthy". Running from one soccer field to the next, I didn't need to actively focus on staying in shape, nor did I have time to. During my sophomore year of college, it caught up with me. I was going to classes all day, playing hours of soccer in the evening, and often socializing into the late hours of the night. I was depleted. My energy was low, and I wasn't happy with how I looked. So I started to make some small changes. I became mindful about how I treated my body. I limited my intake of meat and caffeine. I drank water and lots of it. And I started to focus on consuming nutrient-rich foods. It was such a simple lifestyle shift, but the positive effects have been palpable. When I added ACV to the mix, things only got better. I immediately noticed that it improved my digestion and increased my energy. The best part is that I have never felt like I have had to sacrifice living. I still enjoy cocktails with my girlfriends. I still go for ice cream after dinner. I simply made small changes to live a more balanced life, and I hope The Good Glow can help you do the same. Now, let's get glowing!

Lauren Whatley, Founder