Our Story

For too long, apple cider vinegar has been on the market without innovation—until now. With a focus on increased efficacy, portability, and taste, our wellness shot fits seamlessly into your daily routine—no sacrifices necessary. Each blend is formulated to address specific concerns and improve your well-being, allowing you to be the best version of yourself.

We believe in boosting your confidence and your happiness, and we believe you can get there by taking very small steps. Enjoy life’s pleasures while looking and feeling amazing. Every. Single. Day.

A note from our founder

I've always been what people refer to as "healthy". Running from one soccer field to the next, I didn't need to actively focus on staying in shape, nor did I have time to. During my sophomore year of college, it caught up with me. I was going to classes all day, playing hours of soccer in the evening, and often staying up socializing late at night. I was depleted. My energy was low, and I wasn't happy with how I looked. So I started to make some small changes. I became mindful about what I was putting in my body. I made sure my diet was balanced. I limited my intake of meat and caffeine. I drank water and lots of it. And I started to experiment with nutrient-packed ingredients like ginger, cayenne, and apple cider vinegar to make what I called my "power elixirs". I found that these elixirs improved my digestion, boosted my metabolism, and increased my energy. It was such a simple lifestyle shift, but the positive effects have been endless. The best part is that I have never felt like I have had to sacrifice living. I still enjoy cocktails with my girlfriends. I still go for ice cream after dinner. I've run marathons, and I've stayed up to see the sunrise. I simply made small changes to live a more balanced life, and I hope The Good Glow can help you do the same.  Now, let's get glowing!